Why This is Worth Knowing About

TCM Works, So Let's Make It Simple

For years our founders worked in the health & wellness industry and were lucky enough to experience some of the latest and greatest healing products and systems available on the market today. While many had their own unique benefits, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  stood out as being almost magically effective, whilst only ever making use of natural and ancient wisdom. If the herbal & lifestyle regimes as practiced in TCM are so efficacious - all without the harm - why aren't they more "mainstream" we thought. 

We created Jing Well as an accessible portal for everyone to get their hands on traditional remedies & products that have proven time and time again to reduce our symptoms of disease and enhance our overall quality of life. Now, you don't need to go on a wild goose chase to find (or understand how to use) these prized TCM inspired regimes - we're bringing it to you in the simplest, purest, most relevant way possible. Our first offering Stress Less- is a stress relieving powder to help you calm during needed times instantly. We can't wait for you to start living and loving the TCM inspired way - we hope it changes your life for the better, just like it has for us!

Our team is comprised of TCM Experts, Medical Doctors, Herbalists, and Wellness Educators who have joined forced in pursuit of a single mission: bring the healing powers of TCM to the mainstream masses. We take pride in honouring prized TCM inspired recipes & protocol alongside the guidance and support of experts currently practicing in the field to ensure our products are safe and will work in our modern lifestyles. Our raw materials are always mindfully sourced and organic.

Why "Jing Well"? Jing is the "essence of life" that is inherited within us, from generations before.  It's also the name of an important set of acupoints as they restore consciousness and calm the spirit (known as Shen in TCM).