Cellulite Treatments

Here at Jing Well, we're all about embracing all our whole selves in every way possible and spreading that message to all of you Jing Wellers, and that includes embracing your bodies the way they are-inclusive of ALL cellulite and stretch marks-but we have been asked if TCM can help treat cellulite, so is there really any treatments methods for cellulite?

Let's see how Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine view cellulite to see if .

Cellulite in Western Medicine:

Cellulite is the herniation of subcutaneous layer of the skin with fibrous of fat tissue. It appears like dimpling and nodules on the skin and the most affected area is the pelvis and thighs usually. Women are more likely to see cellulite on their bodies because the fat tissue structure in a woman’s body is vertical, where as in a man’s body is criss-cross, therefore the man’s fat tissues are harder and less prone to cellulite. More than 80 present of women experience cellulite and in western medicine the cause of this problem is unknown.

Cellulite in Chinese medicine:

In TCM, beside the general functions of your organs that you probably know from biology, there are so many others functions that they perform or contribute to as well. By using these amazing TCM theories, TCM practitioners and acupuncturists are practically treating lots of diseases by symptom management and eliminating the root causes of them.

According to Chinese Medicine, cellulitis is a water metabolism problem.When the water metabolism function doesn't perform optimally, tissues can be over moisturized which is called dampness in Chinese Medicine.

So, the four general causes of dampness are Qi (energy) stagnation(blockages), Spleen Qi deficiency(The Spleen transports and transformation fluids, so if there is deficiency, dampness can accumulate and as a result cellulite may occur), Kidney Qi deficiency (Kidney plays a significant role in managing fluids and getting rid of waste from the body) and Lung Qi deficiency. What TCM practitioners and acupuncturists initially do is to drain dampness and second is to tonify the organ deficiency by using herbs, acupuncture, cupping, tuina massage and etc to help treat cellulite. Treatments like cupping help move Qi (opening up stagnations/blockages), and boosts the lymphatic system.

Like so many TCM diseases, the diagnose and treatment of this condition should be individualized but if you are dealing with cellulite, because it us due to deficiency and dampness, you should definitely avoid too many cold-raw foods, alcohol, sugars, and dairy. These foods give you lots of dampness and cold which worsens the condition over time.