Even during these at home pandemic times, we all seem to be in the hustle mode of trying to get so much done in our days. And YES coffee with its intoxicating aroma, may still be a go to for those days that you think you need something to keep you going. Coffee is a highly debated topic in the wellness world- whether its beneficial for you or not. Today, we wanted to review how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views coffee and somethings you should keep in mind before you grab your 2nd cup for the day…

The stimulant nature and natural temperature of coffee (which is warm), combined with its diuretic effect (making you want to urinate more often) illustrates that coffee can be quite drying for the body, causing yin deficiency (lack of fluid) to develop over time. Yin deficiency can cause illnesses like chronic inflammation of the stomach and intestines, constipation, and more. It does strengthen the heart Qi (energy), but it is only for a short amount of time, which it then can have an opposite effect of taking energy away, “attacking” and burning away due to burnouts can also be at the expense of your JING “your essence of life”. Yes like with any other drug, we are talking about withdrawal symptoms such as inability to concentrate and think, irritability, forgetfulness, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, etc. And there is definitely concerns with high levels of caffeine exposure on the central nervous system. As a whole, coffee disrupts our optimal balance and hormones, and as it is highly acidic, it throws off our alkaline bodily needs.

You really need to assess your body overtime as you drink coffee, if you are a hard-core multi cup drinker, try limiting your intake and over a period of time measure how you are feeling. Try substituting other drinks during your usually coffee times, some of our favourites and their recipes include of:

Matcha latte

Turmeric latte

Stress-less latte

These drinks can be safely incorporated into your daily life and your mind and body will thank you.