Gua Sha 101

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

One of the more famous techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is Gua Sha. Gua Sha translates directly to 'scraping' and is traditionally used on the body to increase circulation, releasing stagnant (blocked) blood and toxins. For example, if someone experiences excessive coughs due to heat in their body, a practitioner may use Gua Sha on the upper and middle area of their back, and front chest area to get the heat out. Redness will naturally appear, and it is not the skin acting up but the heat from their body coming out in that form.

The traditional version of Gua Sha done on the body uses a more vigorous scraping technique, where the stagnations that cause pain are released. However, facial Gua Sha is done with a smoother technique and seen as of a more therapeutic treatment. Facial Gua Sha is also used to better circulate Qi (energy ) and stimulate the lymphatic system, carrying out toxins and getting rid of #blackheads. It uses gentle yet firm motions, and consistent practice of it leaves skin softer, firmer, lifted, relaxed, and brighter.

So many professional spas and clinic have integrated the Gua Sha routine in their facials, but now you can do it at home everyday by purchasing one of the stones for a relatively good price.

The Gua Sha tool comes in different materials:

  • Bian Stone 🖤

  • Buffalo horn 🐃

  • Jade 💚 (used more often)

  • Stainless steel 🌫

  • Rose quartz 🌹 (used more often)

We have a sample Gua Sha tutorial posted here on our instagram page for you to follow.

To help de-puff  those early morning eyes, a tip is to store your guashas in the fridge overnight and take it out in the morning, and use the cool crystal to gently massage under eyes to help de-puff.