Healthy Eating- Spring Edition

With all that we're all going through, one way to really ensure we are taking care of ourselves, is to ensure we are nourishing our bodies with the right foods. Spring has arrived, and our bodies are seeking specific foods meant to be indulged in during this time of year. As plants and nature use renewed energy to blossom and awaken, our bodies are also doing the same, so you may find more energy and the need to be more active-and so you need proper nourishment.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is associated with your liver and gall bladder (they're at the peak of activity right now). So it is advised to consume foods that help nourish the function of them. So what is their function? The liver and gall bladder help move blood and bile throughout the body, they are helping the energy flow within your body but if we don't eat the right foods, this may cause stagnations (blockages), causing our liver and gall bladder not to function properly causing you to experience irritability, angriness, insomnia and more.

Here are 5 suggestions for Healing Spring Eating:

1) Eat/drink sour foods- in TCM, the flavour of spring is sour, as sour foods help circulate, Qi (energy), bile and blood. Things like lemon (especially in warm water in the morning) will help.

2) Eat green veggies- in TCM, the colour associated with spring is green. Things like, kale, chard, sprouts, basils, arugula, broccoli and more.

3) Other suggested veggies include radishes which help with circulation of Liver Qi.

4) Add a bit more sweetness, carrots and beets- this sweetness is needed to help nourish the energy that you are experiencing during this time.

5) Stay away from alcohol and coffee- as they can contribute to Liver Qi stagnation, you're already getting the kick from your own body with this new energy, so eliminate that coffee as much as you can.

In helping nourish these organs of your body during spring, you help stay away from emotions of irritability and angriness and feel the good emotion of the liver which include fulfilment, a giving spirit, and more. We know you've had plenty of time with spring cleaning during this time, but let's spring clean our bodies too!