Postpartum Refuel

Is it just us or are you also hearing of a lot of babies being born during these COVID19 times as well? After nine months of carrying your precious baby, and then giving birth, even with the most uncomplicated births, it can be an incredibly depleting physical feat. So we thought it's fitting to share with you some Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ways of helping you rebuild your energy and nourish your whole mind, body, and soul as this is the time that you need to be the primary source of nourishment for your baby.

In TCM, when a mother gives birth, it becomes deficient in Qi (energy) and blood as they’ve been lost during childbirth. It is also considered to be the biggest drain of your Jing (essence of life). Here’s a metaphor for Jing that we like to share:

Picture a candle. The paraffin wax is it’s fuel (JING), and the flame is its energy (yuan Qi), which is going to mix with energies that you receive from food (gu Qi), and from breathing (kong Qi), to ultimately produce all the other energies and physiological activities in your body. We are all born with a certain amount of it and it gets used up slowly to sustain life. It is drawn up from our kidneys and is used during stressful occurrences.

Thus to help with recovery of Qi, Blood (lack of it, can cause postpartum depression), and Jing we suggest the following:

  • at least for the first month after birth, ensure you are fully resting, bonding with your baby, being nourished with foods and herbs

  • eat foods that will nourish your kidney (Jing’s home)- foods that nourish our kidney tend to be black in colour so such things as black beans, black sesame, dark leafy greens and more.

  • Eat warming foods to help build Qi (energy) and blood and help to circulate energy through the body. Things like oats (which is also good for milk production), cinnamon, and more.

  • Do the things that keep you aligned and at ease, whether it be meditation, or anything else that puts your mind at ease, ie. spending time with family.

  • Acupuncture, yes it can really help to replenish Qi and Blood by stimulating them the acupoints