Sadness and the Fall

TEARS coming down more than usual during this fall season? Don’t WORRY- there is an explanation for that in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

picture by Madelaine Buttini

Every season is associated with an organ and every organ is associated with its own emotion in TCM.

The organ for fall is the Lungs and our lungs are connected to grief and depression. We get a circulation of energy (Qi) from the air we breathe. When we are feeling grief, and it is unresolved, it will cause stagnation (the oxygen getting blocked) in our bodies, causing disturbance in the flow of Qi in our bodies, lung Qi Deficiency and so resulting in depression. Another organ paired with the Fall is the large intestine- the lungs and the large intestine keep the YIN & YANG in our bodies, as the lungs (yin) take in the new, and the large intestine (yang) lets go of what we don’t need. You sometimes feel those grieving moments because you are not letting go and your large intestine may be suffering. But naturally because we are moving into the yin cycle with Fall, you may have those moments of SAD. To maximize the fall season and all the emotional feelings it brings with it, we suggest you let go everything that is holding you back especially ANY negativity (do as nature does and let go of leaves), practice deep breathing, and go for those chilly walks to allow maximal freshness to come in.

picture by --> @madbutt