Smoothie recipes-what you should consider as you get back to your Smoothie routines...

The weather is getting warmer and our bodies are now craving our favourite smoothies again! But just because you are back to having your yummy healthy protein based smoothie, it doesn’t mean that you are helping to nourish your body in a healthy way. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi (energy) helps move and transform food in your bodies. The types of foods we eat affect how this Qi gets circulated in our bodies as they may cause stagnations (blockages) preventing the transformation of the food you eat.  

2 things to point out for you to keep in mind:

You have to ensure that you maintain the balance not only in the nature of its ingredients but also the actual temperatures of them. You have to be cautious not to have too many cold natured foods or warm natured foods. It’s all about keeping that balance between dampness, dryness, cold, and warmth. In order to “warm up” your meals to take the pressure off your stomach; it’s absorption duties, here are some tips to reduce the cold and dampness in your morning smoothie:

- Try lessening the ice you put in there

- Add warm spices like ginger or cinnamon powder to warm it up

- Don’t gulp it down, but instead leave each sip/spoonful in your mouth to warm it

up. The enzymes in your mouth will help with the initial step of digestion.

Also a concept that is highly regarded in TCM, it’s the concept of food combining:

Eating fruits should be consumed separate from eating other foods (20-30 minutes time in between). 

Non-TCM concepts also support this as fruits need alkaline digestive juices while proteins require acid digestive juices, so when you combine protein and fruits together your bodies require to produce both acidic and alkaline digestive environments, making them not digest properly, so they should be kept separate. 

Not saying to not have fruits, because fruits are actually essential for digestion, but to have them separately, so have your fruit smoothie and green smoothie separately.  

Keep checking your emails as we post balance smoothie recipes throughout the spring and summer, oh how we've missed the warm days.