The 5 Elements Food Diet

As you learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it becomes clearer and clearer just how holistic it views not only our bodies but life overall. One of the main philosophies in TCM is that everything in nature is made up of five interrelated, but distinct elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These 5 elements are interrelated to the five main organs: heart, liver, kidney, lung, and spleen, and each of these organs posses a colour that is found in our foods. Examples of the categories are found below:

It's about keeping the balance between the Yin and yang, and in TCM, every meal is suggested to contain from each of the 5 colour foods. Yes friends, keep your plates colourful!! 🌈 If you overdo it in one "food colour", you will end up lacking in another and so not nourish that specific organ. If you feel ill in certain parts of your body or organs, it may be helpful to consume certain coloured foods to help nourish that organ.

It is in all aspects of life that finding this dynamic balance leads to the ultimate balance between your body, mind, and soul. Comment below if you are interested in us sharing some "Five Elements Food" Recipes on the blog.

Please note, this blog post is simply intended to introduce you to the Five elements theory, it is not designed to heal any specific health issues please consult a a health care practitioner/nutritionist for specific diets.