release tension in your FACE & BODY. Gua Sha is an ancient chinese modality used on the face & body to move Qi (energy), increase circulation, and release stagnant (blocked) blood and toxins. Facial gua sha routines have become more popular with their incredible effects of leaving the skin softer, firmer, lifted, relaxed, and brighter. Now with Fit~Sha, not only can you use it on your face to  stimulate the lymphatic system to carry out toxins, but with it’s larger shape, you can also use it on your body to help relieve tensions and muscle stagnation after a workout or exercise.

  • The Stone

    Our handmade Gua Sha has been carefully chosen for it’s healing properties. Made with pure Obsidian stone, which is known for its ability to draw out tension and help remove blockages as well as to  release bodily sorenesses & physical pains. The warmth from this natural stone also stimulates the lymphatic system and circulation working to promote clear, glowing skin. It's also  great for congested, blemish prone skin. This handcrafted shape of the stone will help sculpt your face to its unique & perfect shape. It’s shape and size also makes it amazing to use on your thighs, arms, legs, neck, feet and more.


  • The Collaboration

    Jing Well rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and  The FitNest rooted in bringing fitness to your daily lives have paired up to bring you the ultimate tool, Fit-Sha. You can now release tension and soreness in your body using our Gua sha tool, while also bringing glow back to your face.


  • The Box

    We have carefully selected our reusable box for your FIT~SHA to ensure your Gua-Sha tool is protected after each use and that we know that they're not being thrown away as they are keeping your FIT~SHA safe.




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